Performance Venues

Photographer: Tony Accurso


Gallo Center For The Arts


Modesto, California


Nestor Gaffney and Associates

The Gallo Center For The Arts has two performance venues to satisfy a wide range of performances. The Mary Stuart Rogers Theater is the larger of the two with 1250 seats, while the Foster Family Theater has a capacity of 444 seats. The facility is home to the Modesto symphony and will serve as a multipurpose center for a broad range of productions.

Both theaters have been outfitted with state of the art sound reinforcement and production support systems. The main loudspeaker systems in both rooms consist of stereo full range line arrays designed to provide complete coverage of the seating areas. The loudspeaker systems are powered by amplifiers located in dedicated amplifier rooms adjacent to the stage. Each theater includes a digital mixing console located in a control room at the rear of the room. For more elaborate productions and touring shows, a temporary mixing position located within the seating area has been provided. The house mixing equipment has been designed to be portable so that it can be used at either location. The sound reinforcement systems are also complimented by ADA compliant hearing assistance systems.

A separate portable monitor mixing system has been provided for use on stage to provide performers with custom mix for their onstage monitor loudspeakers. Production support systems including a four channel wireless production intercom well as production monitoring audio and video have been provided in both theaters to serve the backstage production spaces. In the lobbies, loudspeakers and video monitors have been provided to allow display of performances from the theaters to the lobby.