K-12 Education

photo of auditorium curved stage, wood paneled proscenium red curtains, curved rows of seating


San Juan Hills High School


San Juan Capistrano, California


PJHM Architects

The project includes an Auditorium and Black Box Theater. The Auditorium functions as a performance venue for presentations ranging from lectures to drama and music. One center loudspeaker cluster above the stage area provides sound reinforcement and is powered by amplifiers located in a dedicated amplifier room adjacent to the stage. The mixing location is in the control room located at the rear of the auditorium. To comply with ADA requirements, the sound reinforcement system includes a hearing assistance system. A 4-channel production communication system provides an audio link to all production support locations. Video and Audio performance monitoring systems also are included to provide video and audio feeds from the auditorium into the backstage areas.

A video projector has been located at the rear of the stage and makes use of a large rear projection screen that is hung in the rigging system, to support lectures and provide a backdrop for performances. The projector is fed from a number of sources including inputs at the stage and the mixing location. These inputs will allow connection of computers, video copy stands, and other occasional video sources. A remote control system is incorporated into the video projection system to allow centralized control of its components.

The design of the Black Box Theater system provides maximum flexibility in staging productions. A sound reinforcement system supports reinforcement of speech, live music, prerecorded program audio and effects. A movable pair of loudspeakers can be located at any of the input panels located at each wall. The mixing location is located the technical mezzanine above the theater but the mixing equipment can be relocated to any of the wall panels to maximize flexibility of the space. The black box theater shares Auditorium’s production communication and performance monitoring systems.

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