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photo of exterior of large Phoenix Sheraton hotel lit up at twilight


Phoenix Sheraton


Phoenix, Arizona



The project includes two ballrooms that are divisible into six smaller rooms. Each room section has been provided with an independent sound system with their own inputs and wireless microphones. Wall mounted control panels provide volume controls and background music source selection for each room section. The individual room sections can be linked to form larger functional spaces via a centralized control panel in the main equipment room.

The project includes a Boardroom with a presentation and video conferencing system. The presentation system includes a video projector and screen along with dedicated audio systems for program audio and video conferencing. All system parameters are controlled via an integrated control system with a touch panel interface.

A multi-channel background music system is provided in all public spaces. The system is partitioned into several output zones and each zone can select from one of four music sources to provide a unique audio ambiance.

A digital signage system is provided to display room scheduling and event information throughout the public spaces. The system consists of 15″ flat panel displays outside each meeting room and larger displays at key locations. All displays are network controllable and content for each display are uploaded via the building data network.

Phoenix Sheraton
Phoenix, Arizona

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