Pima County Psychiatric Hospital


Tucson, Arizona


Cannon Design

This project includes several classroom and presentation systems, a psychiatric courtroom and multiple therapy rooms with video recording capabilities.

A large seminar room is divisible into two separate rooms and each room contains identical AV systems. A video projection system is provided for presentations and is also used to view the remote site of video conferences. Cameras are located at the rear of the room to capture the instructor and at the front of the room to capture the audience. A ceiling mounted distributed loudspeaker system provides speech reinforcement with multiple microphones located at the seminar table for video conferencing use.

The courtroom is designed specifically for psychiatric hearings. The system includes a video projection system for evidence presentation and a distributed speech reinforcement system that includes ADA support. A video conferencing system is included to connect to other courtrooms and remote lawyers.

There are a number of conference rooms with identical presentation capabilities. Each room includes a video projection system with stereo sound reinforcement. A remote control touch panel is provided to integrate all system controls into a single user interface.

Several group therapy rooms are provided with camera and microphone systems to record the sessions. The sessions can also be transmitted to other AV systems for remote instructional viewing.

Pima County Psychiatric Hospital
Tucson, Arizona

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